Jonas Bertelmann gewinnt Best Paper Award beim APEMC 2021

7. Oktober 2021

Das Kongresskomitee des ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (APEMC) 2021, das vom 27.-30.9. auf Bali stattfand, hat M.Sc. Jonas Bertelmann vom IEH für seinen innovativen Beitrag mit dem Titel “Optimization Methods for Common Mode Cancellation in Phase Shifted Inverter Operation”mit einem der Best Paper Awards ausgezeichnet.

Abstract des ausgezeichneten Papers:
Synchronized switching of two opposing semiconductors in a six-phase inverter setup can reduce the common mode spectrum. In a first prototypical setup, attenuations of up to 40 dB can be achieved up to the frequency range of the medium wave. For an improved cancellation of the disturbances, a synchronization of switching edges is suggested in this contribution. Two methods are investigated, one in the time domain and the other in the frequency domain. Additionally, cancellation performance improvements with the help of skipped switching processes while zero crossing are introduced and evaluated.

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