Surface discharges
Onsite diagnostic measurement
Radio frequency anechoic chamber
Resolved partial discharge pattern
Network planning and operation

Our institute’s main research topics are mainly related to the reliability, cost-efficiency and sustainability of electric power supply. Thus we deal with tasks from the field of high-voltage insulation performance and condition assessment but also with requirements which arise from the increasing use of renewable energies. A special emphasis of our research work is in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of both power electric and electronic systems.

This image showsStefan Tenbohlen
Prof. Dr. -Ing.

Stefan Tenbohlen

Head of Institute

This image showsKrzysztof Rudion
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Krzysztof Rudion

Head of Grid Integration of Renewable Energies

This image showsMichael Beltle

Michael Beltle

Site Manager Nellingen, Head of Department EMC

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